Welcome to the online store PHU Donocik company

We are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter - in our offer you can found a wide range of elements for regeneration brake and fuel systems and many other unusual items useful in every workshop.

We do best to supply every type of customer: retailer, car repair workshop, small shops and large automotive wholesalers. We deliver our products by international express deliveries via DHL company.


We made brake lines on the basis of the :

steel pipes 4,75x0,71
copper pipes 4,8x0,9


We crimp brake hoses in accordance with standard SAEJ1401 based on :

rubber hoses with a double braided synthetic brand Semperit.   

    PTFE hoses with a single steel braid and a protective coating of PVC

On the basis of soft copper pipes (Class R200 / R220, diameter range from Φ4 to Φ22) are made:

fuel lines
lubrication lines systems
hydraulic lines systems
refrigeration lines systems


In Our
offer you can find also:

kits of brake lines dedicated to a particular model of car
more than 1,100 references in the catalog of brake hoses
soft copper pipes
connectors for pipes
connectors for brake lines
fuel hoses
a wide range of automotive chemicals from basic fluids as brake fluids, cooling fluids, oils,  the lubricants, cleaners, rust removers and car cosmetics
elements for the regeneration brake calipers
other auto parts including tires
workshop tools